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Breakfast afterwards at Clyde's in Missoula to chat and get to know each other before class.

(All photo credits to Kylie Schumacher)

Award Recipients for Fall 2022

 Above: (Left to right): Maddie Budine, Elizabeth Perry, and Joseph Rosol

 Below (Left to right): Donna Romero, Merced Romero, Nicole Bealer (UM BHA       President), Maddie, Elizabeth, Joseph, Lou Bahin (Montana BHA Board   Treasurer.Secretary).

      This year was a special year as we found ourselves in Missoula,  Montana the week that the selection committee chose the recipients for the 2022 award cycle.  So, early Monday morning on October 3rd, we arrived at the Fish, Wildlife, and Parks office and waited for Kylie, who facilitates the collegiate program and acts as a liaison for them and the Montana BHA program, to arrive with the students so they could purchase their licenses.  It was great to see the excitement on their faces as they each went up and after providing all of the needed documentation, came away with smiles and a doorway to further their experiences and understanding of the hunting culture in Montana.

      This year, we had seven applicants and the following students were selected for the Rebecca Romero Hunting Legacy Award:

  • Maddie Budine (Massachusetts)

  • Joseph Rosol (California)

  • Elizabeth Perry (Washington)

      We wish them luck in their hunting season and look forward to them sharing their experiences out in the field and the chance to challenge themselves and maybe see with a new perspective who they are in this world!

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