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The Many Faces of Rebecca

Becca loved photos and much f her life could be followed through pictures of her and often, by her.

Rebecca and her sister Selena during a photo session at Micke Grove in the Japanese Gardens.
Photo credit: Stephanie LaForge

Rebecca and her sister Selena during a photo session during a visit in Georgia
Photo credit: Unknown

Photos below:
Top & middle- Rebecca Selfie (Jr. High)
Bottom- Selena, Rebecca, mom, and dad at a glacier stop on our Alaskan cruise.

Photos below:
Top- Rebecca and Selena
Middle and Bottom- Becca selfies Elementary and high school

Selfie by Becca.  Likely in the backyard in Stockton, CA laying in her mom's hammock.

High school selfie
Photo credit: Rebecca Romero

Photos above:
Rebecca and mom during her visit to see UM for the first time.  (October 2013)
Second from top- Rebecca with Tori and Selena at Selena's graduation from UC Merced 
Second from bottom- Selena and Rebecca at Selena's wedding.

Bottom- Mom, dad, and Rebecca at her graduation from UM (May, 2018)
Photo credit: Selena Romero

Photos above:
Rebecca selfie (likely Jr. High)
Middle- Rebecca and Selena at Whistler, BC.
Bottom- Becca pose at location unknown

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